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A Brief Introduction to Jimei University

Jimei University, one of the key universities in Fujian Province, is a multi-disciplined university with a history of 98 years. Located in Jimei Schools Village, Jimei University was founded by the famous patriotic overseas Chinese leader. Mr. Chen Jiageng(Tan Kah-Kee). Now, Currently it has more than 27,000 students and over 1500 faculty members consisting of 200 professors and 570 associate professors.

Jimei University is one of the earliest universities of its kind in Fujian Province entitled to enroll international students, students from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas Chinese students. It has 21 colleges with 69 undergraduate programs in nine disciplines, i.e. Engineering, Agronomy, Economics, Administration, Education, Science, Literature, Law and Fine Arts. The university also confers master and doctoral degree programs, forming a complete educational system from preparatory courses to degree programs including bachelor, master and doctoral degrees. The hallmark and mainstay of these degrees are majors such as Nautical Navigation, Marine Engineering and Fisheries. In 2009, according to China Discipline Ranking (CDR) by China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Center, the discipline of Fisheries ranked No. 5 and the Marine Engineering ranked No. 9 in China.

Jimei University puts much emphasis on its international exchanges and cooperation. It has carried out a wide range of academic exchanges and research cooperation with more than 100 universities and research institutions in more than 20 countries and regions including the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, and Singapore.

The University’s campus spans over 153 hectares with a floor space of over 1,000,000 square meters. In 2009, its new campus area was awarded as one of “China’s Top 100 Construction Projects” over the 60 years since the founding of the PRC, making it the only awarded university project in China. Moreover, the natural scenery with unique architecture on campus and the pleasant climate attract numerous candidates at home and from abroad.

The University’s motto of “Sincerity and Perseverance” is a precious spiritual heritage handed down by Mr. Chen Jiageng, founder of Jimei Schools, which has undergone a long and glorious history and enjoys great fame far and wide.

The establishment of Fujian’s free trade zone provides a new opportunity for further development of Jimei University. Being distinctive and armed with stronger international competitiveness and higher academic research level, the University will always strive itself to be a multi-university or “multiversity” that is open to the world.

I.Academic Programs

Bachelor Programs                           Length of Study: 4 Years



Navigation   Institute

Navigation   Technology

            Traffic Transportation

Logistics   Management

Marine   Engineering Institute

Marine Engineering

Marine Electrical   and Electronic Engineering

Shipping and Ocean   Engineering

Electrical   Engineering and Automation

Fisheries College

Animal Science


Fishery Science   and Technology

Food Science and Biological Engineering   College

Food Science and   Engineering

(includes Food Science and EngineeringBioengineeringEnvironmental Engineering)

Physical   Education College

Physical Education

Social Sports

Sports training

Martial Art and   Ethnic Traditional Sports

Finance   and Economic



International   Economy & Trade

Public Finance

Finance and   Banking



Teachers Education   College

Elementary   Education (Pre-School)

Education of   Primary School

School   of Business Administration

Business   Administration (includes Business   Administration, Auditing, Marketing)

Electronic   commerce

Tourism Management

Music College


Musical Performance

Dance Performance

Fine Arts College

Research of Fine Arts

Visual Communication Design


Environment Design

Information Engineering College

Electronic Information Engineering

Electronics Science and Technology

Telecommunication Engineering

Computer Science & Engineering   College

Computer Science and Technology

Net Engineering

Software Engineering

Information management and   Information systems

Mechanical Engineering College

Mechanical Design, Manufacture and   Automation

Thermal Energy and Power Engineering

Building Environment & Facilities   Engineering

Mechanical Electronics Engineering

Material Forming and Control   Engineering

Vehicle Engineering

Mechanical Design and Theory

Science College

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Information and Computing Science

Light Information Science and   Engineering

Geographical Information System

Applied Physics

School of Foreign Languages

English Language & Literature

Japanese Language & Literature

Translation and Interpreting

Law School


Social Work

School of Chinese Language and   Literature

Chinese Language & Literature

Teaching Chinese as a Foreign   Language

Engineering Technology College

Project Management

Master Programs                                Length of Study: 3 Years



Finance and Economic Institute

Applied Economics

National Economics

Public Finance (including Taxation)

Finance (including Insurance)

International Trade


Master of Taxation

School of Ideological and Political Education

Chinese Marxism

Ideological and Political Education

Physical Education College

Science of Physical Culture and Sports

Humane and Sociological Science of Sports

Theory of Sports Pedagogy and Training

Physical Education

School of Chinese Language and   Literature

Chinese Literature

Ancient Chinese Literature

Comparative Literature and World Literature

Chinese Education

Science College


Applied mathematics

Maths Education

Fisheries College




Fisheries Science

Aquaculture Science

Science of Fisheries Resources


Agricultural Mechanization

Mechanical Engineering College

Mechanical Design and Theory

Navigation Institute

Communication and Transportation   Engineering

Traffic Information Engineering and Control

Transportation communication and Internet   of Things

Marine Engineering Institute

Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

Design and Construction of Naval   Architecture and Ocean Structure

Marine Engine Engineering

Marine Electric Propulsion and Control

Ships and Offshore Installations Energy   Engineering

Food Science and Biological   Engineering College

Food Science and Engineering

Food Science

Processing and Storage of Agriculture   Products

Food Safety Detection and Control

Food Engineering

Food Processing and Safety

School of Business   Administration


School of Foreign


English Education

Music College

Music Education

Fine Arts College

Fine Arts Education

Teachers Education College

Primary Education

Doctoral Programs                               Length of Study: 3 Years



Marine Engineering Institute

Naval   Architecture and Ocean Engineering

Fisheries College

Fisheries Science

Food Science and Biological Engineering College

II、Categories of Students and Application Materials




Start of the Programme

Application Documents









1. Application Form for International Students, JMU.

2. Photocopy of passport.

3. 2-inch color photo.

4. High school diploma and transcript of records (Notarized Photocopy).

5. New HSK 4 certificate or above.

6.2 Letters of recommendation.

7. Study plan in China.





1. Application   Form for International Students, JMU.

2. Photocopy   of passport.

3. 2-inch   color photo.

4. Bachelor’s   degree certificate and transcript of records (Notarized Photocopy).

5. New HSK   4 certificate or above.

6 .Letters   of recommendation from two professors (or associate professors).

7. Research   proposal.





1. Application   Form for International Students, JMU.

2.Photocopy   of passport.

3.2-inch   color photo.

4. Master’s   degree certificate and transcript of records (Notarized   Photocopy).

4. Applicants   for programmes taught in Chinese should hold HSK 4 certificate or above.

5. Applicants   for programmes taught in English should have a TOEFL score of 80 or above, or   an IELTS score of 6.0 or above, or other equivalent certificate of English   proficiency. Native English speakers are exempted.

6. Letters   of recommendation from two professors(or associate professors).

7. Research   proposal.

8. Articles   or papers (written or published).









1, Application   Form for International Students, JMU.

2. Photocopy   of the passport.

3. 2-inch   color photo.

4. Certificate   and Transcript of records of the most advanced studies.

General   Scholars

Short-term Students

One month before arrival at JMU

Depending on



Please   contact the Overseas Education College for more information regarding   short-term courses and summer camp programmes.

III、 Application Procedures

(1)Degree-conferring Students

a. Applicants should send the required application documents to the Admission Office of JMU via email ( by post before the deadline.

b. After the verification of qualifications by the Admissions Office, the application documents for master’s and doctoral programmes will be forwarded to the relevant college or school for academic review.

c. The University, after accepting the application documents, will reply to the applicant the admission decision in two weeks.

(2)Language Students

Applicants should send the required application documents to Overseas Education College JMU via email ( by post before the deadline. The Overseas Education College, after accepting the application documents, replies to the applicant the admission decision in two weeks.


(1)Tan Kah Kee Scholarship for the overseas Chinese along the countries of ‘Maritime Silk Road’ or Jimei alumni descendants in Hongkong, Marco, Taiwan who are enrolled in JimeiUniversity.

a. Maximum Scholarships for International Students includes:

Language Student (30,000RMB/per-person/per-year);


Master Candidate (60,000RMB/per-person /per-year);

Ph.D. Candidate (70,000RMB/per-person/per-year)

b. The scholarships can be used to pay for tuition, accommodation, insurance and textbooks.

c. Applicants should submit required documents directly to JMU Admission Office between Feb.1 and July.10 each year by email and post.

d. Please download and fill in The Application Form for TAN KAH KEE Scholarship .

2Fujian Provincial Government Scholarship for International Student

a. Maximum Scholarships for International Students includes: Undergraduate/Language Student (30,000RMB/per-person/per-year);

Master Candidate (40,000RMB/per-person /per-year);

Ph.D. Candidate (50,000RMB/per-person/per-year)

b. The scholarships can be used to pay for tuition, accommodation, insurance and textbooks.

c. Applicants should submit required documents directly to JMU Admission Office between Feb.1 and May.1 each year by email and post.

d. Please download and fill in The Application Form for Provincial Government Scholarship of Fujian.

(3) JMU Scholarship for International Student

a. JMU Full Scholarships for International Students includes: Master Candidate (25,000RMB/per-person/per-year);Ph.D.Candidate(30,000RMB/per-person/per-year)

b. The scholarships can be used to pay for tuition, accommodation, insurance and textbooks.

c. Applicants should submit required documents directly to JMU Admission Office between Feb.1 and May.1 each year via email and post.

d. Please download and fill in The Application Form for JMU International Student Scholarship.

(4)Applicants should not be awardees of National (Fujian Provincial) Government Scholarship .Tan Kah Kee Scholarship and JMU Scholarship for International Student at the same time.

V、Tuition (RMB yuan /per-person/per-year)  

Type of  Student


Language Students




Master Candidates


Ph.D .Candidates


Accommodation and Charges

The dorm building for international student is in the main campus area with beautiful surroundings and easy access. The rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with furniture. There is a bathroom in every bedroom where hot water is available.

(1)Accommodation fee for students at degree-conferring programs

(RMB yuan/per-person/per-year)

Type of Room

Single Room

Twin Room

Quad Room





(2)Students at non-degree programs (e.g. Language students) should pay the accommodation fee according to The Standard Table of Fees of the International Apartment Building JMU.


①Tuition and charges for accommodation are subjected to change and are published annually by the university authority.

②All expenses are payable in equivalent RMB, HK$ or US$.

Contact Information:

Admission Office JMU (Enrollment of International Students in Degree Programs)

Tel:0086-592- 6182393  6181301      Fax :0086-592-6185889

E-mail:  Website:


Admissions Office, Jimei University, 185 Yinjiang Road, Jimei District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, 361021,P.R.China

Overseas Education College JMU (Enrollment of Chinese Language Students)

Tel:0086-592-6185566 6182013             Fax:0086-592-6182928

Email:  Website:


Overseas Education College, Jimei University, 185 Yinjiang Road, Jimei District,  Xiamen City, Fujian Province, 361021,P.R.China


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